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Brian will be at Camp Perry, Wed July 16th thru Monday July 28th 2014, Please call in orders for Perry, as you know we do not take everything on web. We will be glad to bring anything you need. We are caught up on orders, We are shipping with in a few days, To place an order call 330-833-4360 (9-5 Mon-Friday)or e-mail Patsreloading@aol.com , Thank you for your business this year, Brian McDonald July 9th 2014

New Bullet Sizing Dies 50 BMG-308-223-New Primer Prices

NEW ADDRESS-PHONE/FAX NUMBERS : Pats Reloading LLC, Brian McDonald, 74880 Johnson Run Rd., Kimbolton, Ohio 43749, Warehouse 9AM-1PM, 330-833-4360, New FAX 740-492-0063, Patsreloading.com, Internet E-Mail-Patsreloading@aol.com,

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Current Category is: Brass

SubCategoryNamePictureNotesUnitsNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCost
New Pistol357 Magnum Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$27.995$134.61  
New Pistol45 Auto Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$29.995$147.50  
New Pistol45 Long Colt UP Remington Nickle Brass1001$41.33    
New Pistol38 Special Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$29.105$143.05  
New Pistol44 Magnum Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$39.755$195.69  
New Pistol44 Magnum, Primed Remington Pistol Brass1001$39.005$192.80  
New Pistol44 Special primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$39.995$197.72  
New Pistol45 Long Colt Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$36.505$180.20  
New Pistol9mm Auto +P+, Primed Remington Pistol Brass1001$30.255$148.18  
New Pistol32 Auto Unprimed Remington Pistol Brass1001$28.255$141.21  
New Pistol38 Super +P+ Primed Remington Pistol Brass, for Hot Loads1001$28.86    
New Pistol40 Auto Primed Remington Pistol Brass1001$36.45    
New Pistol40 Auto UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$40.27    
New Pistol40 Auto, WW Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$28.155$143.25  
New Pistol41 Mag UP Winchester Pistol Brass1001$37.92    
New Pistol444 Marlin, Rem UP  1001$91.28    
New Pistol44-40 Rem UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$48.83    
New Pistol45 Auto Rim UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$39.15    
New Pistol50 A&E Pistol, unprimed Starline Brass1001$55.20    
New Pistol50 S&W Pistol Brass Starline Brass1001$76.28    
New Pistol9mm Auto Primed Winchester1001$25.11    
New Pistol 10mm Auto UP Winchester Pistol Brass1001$41.00    
New Rifle17 Remington, Rem UP  1001$71.07    
New Rifle22 Hornet, Rem  1001$36.06    
New Rifle220 Swift , Rem  1001$70.36    
New Rifle220 Swift, WW  1001$65.55    
New Rifle222 Mag, Rem  1001$59.36    
New Rifle222 Rem, Rem  1001$43.77    
New Rifle223 LC UP New LC UP, US Military1001$29.99500$135.001,000$249.99
New Rifle222 Rem, WW UP  1001$41.82    
New Rifle22-250 Rem  1001$59.75    
New Rifle22-250, WW  1001$51.29    
New Rifle225 Win, WW UP  150$44.43100$87.86  
New Rifle243 Federal Primed  1001$58.00    
New Rifle243 Rem  1001$61.38    
New Rifle243 WW-UP  1001$59.15    
New Rifle25-06 , Brass, Rem  1001$75.82    
New Rifle270 Win, Rem Mfg  1001$60.25    
New Rifle280 Rem, Rem Mfg  1001$72.48    
New Brass308 LC Primed Unfired Lake City Military Primed Brass from Ammo, Need to resize the Necks this is real nice Brass1001$34.99500$140.00  
New Brass300 BLACKOUT PRIMED  Brass made from new DAG Boxer primed 223 brass1001$37.99    
Unfired Rifle30 Carbine UP Unfired brass from ammo1100$21.00    
New Rifle300 Win. Mag. WW UP  150$44.10100$87.32  
New Rifle30-30 Win, WW Mfg  1100$47.41    
New Rifle32-20 Rem, Rem mfg  1100$48.65    
New Rifle338 Win Mag, WW  150$44.39100$87.59  
New Rifle348 WW UP  150$56.54100$112.08  
New Rifle35 Remington, Rem. UP  150$34.98100$69.96  
New Rifle375 H-H, Rem UP  150$57.29100$113.57  
New Rifle45-70, Rem  150$52.00100$103.01  
New Rifle45-70, WW  150$51.41100$101.81  
New Rifle458 Win Mag, UP  150$58.78100$116.56  
New Rifle6.5-55 Swed. Mauser, Rem  150$34.56100$68.13  
New Rifle6mm Rem  150$32.89100$62.76  
New Rifle7mm Mag, Rem Mfg  150$46.10100$91.22  
New Rifle7mm Mag. WW UP  150$43.39100$85.60  
New Rifle7mm Mauser, Rem  150$39.20100$77.40  
New Rifle8mm Mauser, Rem  150$37.79100$74.56  
Once Fired223 Military US Military Spec. Brassrd500$64.991,000$124.99  
Once Fired308 Once Fired US Military Spec. Brassrd100$20.00500$89.991,000$175.00
Once Fired40 Auto, commercial, once fired  rd1,000$42.995,000$199.95  
Once Fired45 Auto, Just in Cleaned,Tumbled Bright Tumbled cleaned, Large primer pocketrd1,000$89.99    
Once Fired7mm Mag, once fired  rd50$17.99100$34.99  
Once Fired9mm Auto, once fired, Military  rd1,000$49.99    
Once Fred50 BMG 2000's production Once Fired  US Military Spec. Brassrd100$60.00500$275.00  
Unfired Rifle308 LC US Military Primed,  From new ammo, needs neck sizingrd100$34.99500$140.00