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Brian will be at Camp Perry, Wed July 16th thru Monday July 28th 2014, Please call in orders for Perry, as you know we do not take everything on web. We will be glad to bring anything you need. We are caught up on orders, We are shipping with in a few days, To place an order call 330-833-4360 (9-5 Mon-Friday)or e-mail Patsreloading@aol.com , Thank you for your business this year, Brian McDonald July 9th 2014

New Bullet Sizing Dies 50 BMG-308-223-New Primer Prices

NEW ADDRESS-PHONE/FAX NUMBERS : Pats Reloading LLC, Brian McDonald, 74880 Johnson Run Rd., Kimbolton, Ohio 43749, Warehouse 9AM-1PM, 330-833-4360, New FAX 740-492-0063, Patsreloading.com, Internet E-Mail-Patsreloading@aol.com,

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Current Category is: Powder

SubCategoryNamePictureNotesUnitsNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCost
Rifle PowderWC860 SurplusFor 50 BMG, Ball, Late 2000's production8 lb1$69.004$63.99  
Rifle PowderWC867 SurplusMag Rifle-50 BMG8lbs1$48.00    
Rifle PowderWC872 SurplusMag Rifle -50 BMG8lbs1$48.00    
CCI 50 Cal CCI Nato spec With new style cup #35, 5001$165.00    
CCI#34 Large Rifle Military Large Rifle Military10001$42.995$199.99  
CCI#41 Small Rifle Mil Military Spec. 22310001$32.995$159.99