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US Military Surplus 50 BMG Blue Tip Incendary sized .80 cents ussized .86 cents, : 308 LC Surplus 147 FMJBT 500-144.99; 223 223 55gr. FMJ 109.99; 308 IMI New 147 FMJ-BT 500-144.99: 223 M856 Tracer tips 129.99m, , M855 62 gr. Green tip Ball-US Military, 1000-159.99m, MagTech 308 M80 147 FMJ, copper jacketed, 500-144.99

ADDRESS-PHONE/FAX NUMBERS : Pats Reloading LLC, Brian McDonald, 74880 Johnson Run Rd., Kimbolton, Ohio 43749, Warehouse 9AM-5PM, 330-833-4360, I will be answering the phones all day to make sure everyone gets a chance., Patsreloading.com, Internet E-Mail-Patsreloading@aol.com,

To order call 330-833-4360 Thanks Brian PICKUPS BY APOINTMENT ONLY

LARGE RIFLE primers are in stock 169.99 per 1000

Current Category is: All

CategorySubCategoryNamePictureNotesUnitsNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCost
#41 Small file Military primers 1000$100.000$0.000$0.00
CCI large pistol primers 0$95.000$0.000$0.00
CCI Large Rifle primers. ###Going fast ### 0$100.000$0.000$0.00
CCI small pistol primers 0$95.000$0.000$0.00
BrassNew Brass5.56 lake city unprimed Lake City Military Primed Brass from Ammo, Need to resize the Necks this is real nice Brass1100$30.00500$140.000$0.00
BrassNew Pistol32 Auto Unprimed Remington Pistol Brass1001$28.255$141.210$0.00
BrassNew Pistol357 Magnum Primed remington out of stock Winchester Pistol Brass1001$36.990$0.000$0.00
BrassNew Pistol38 Super +P+ Primed Remington Pistol Brass, for Hot Loads1001$28.86
BrassNew Pistol40 Auto UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$40.27
BrassNew Pistol40 Auto, WW Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$36.99500$179.000$0.00
BrassNew Pistol44 special unprimed nickel 100$31.99500$149.990$0.00
BrassNew Pistol44-40 Rem UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$48.83
BrassNew Pistol50 A&E Pistol, unprimed Starline Brass1001$55.20
BrassNew Pistol50 S&W Pistol Brass Starline Brass1001$76.28
BrassNew Pistol9mm Auto +P+, Primed out of stock Remington Pistol Brass1001$0.005$0.000$0.00
BrassNew Pistol9mm Auto Primed out of stock Winchester1001$0.000$0.000$0.00
BrassNew Pistol9mm once fired military Winchester Pistol Brass10001$75.000$0.000$0.00
BrassNew Rifle17 Remington, Rem UP 1001$71.07
BrassNew Rifle22-250 Winchester unprimed out of stock 150$24.00100$48.990$0.00
BrassNew Rifle222 Rem, Rem 1001$43.77
BrassNew Rifle222 Rem, WW UP 1001$41.82
BrassNew Rifle270 Winchester up 150$0.00100$50.000$0.00
BrassNew Rifle45-70, Rem 150$52.00100$103.01
BrassNew Rifle454 Casull unprimed Starline Mfg.50$14.99100$28.000$0.00
BrassNew Rifle458 Win Mag, UP 150$58.78100$116.56
BrassNew Rifle6.5-55 Swed. Mauser, Rem 150$34.56100$68.13
BrassNew Rifle6mm Rem 150$32.89100$62.76
BrassNew Rifle7mm Mag. WW UP 150$43.39100$85.60
BrassNew Rifle8mm Mauser, Rem 150$37.79100$74.56
BrassOnce Fired223 Military out of stock US Military Spec. Brass11000$0.000$0.000$0.00
BrassOnce Fired308 Once Fired out of stock US Military Spec. Brass1100$0.00500$0.001000$0.00
BrassOnce Fired338 Lapula 150$90.00100$175.00
BrassOnce Fired40 Auto, commercial, once fired 11000$42.995000$199.95
BrassOnce Fired45 Auto, Just in Cleaned,Tumbled Bright Tumbled cleaned, Large primer pocket11000$129.990$0.000$0.00
BrassOnce Fired9mm Auto, once fired, military 11000$75.000$0.000$0.00
BrassOnce Fred50 BMG 2000's production Once Fired US Military Spec. Brass1100$90.000$0.000$0.00
Brassout of stock223 LC Primed from ammo out of stock Needs to be neck sized1001$0.00500$0.001000$0.00
BrassUnfired Rifle30 Carbine UP Unfired brass from ammo1100$21.00
Bullet Sizing Die223 MilitaryBullet Sizing Die 7/8"" x 14 Thread C & H Tool Die 22311$92.500$0.000$0.00
Bullet Sizing Die308 MilBullet Sizing Die 7/8"" x 14 Tread CH Tool & Die BSD XXX 30811$92.500$0.000$0.00
Bullet sizing due50 cal 1$175.500$0.000$0.00
BulletsHornady223-55 FMJ w/can Rifle, FMJ Hornady, New1500$57.001000$109.990$0.00
BulletsHornady308 178 A-Max Match out of stock Rifle, Match1100$29.99500$144.991000$274.99
BulletsHornady308 208 A-Max Match for 300 Blackout1100$35.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 40 V-Max out of stock Rifle V-Max1100$18.99500$87.501000$169.99
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 50 V-Max Rifle V-Max1100$19.99500$97.501000$189.99
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 52 HPBT w/c out of stock Rifle, Match1500$18.991000$169.990$0.00
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 55 V-Max Rifle V-Max1100$19.99500$97.501000$189.99
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 55 V-Max w/c Rifle V-Max1100$19.99500$97.501000$189.99
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 60 V-Max Rifle1100$19.99500$97.501000$189.99
BulletsHornady .Rifle224 62gr FMJ Rifle, PSP Hornady New1500$65.001000$124.990$0.00
BulletsHornady .Rifle308 168 A-Max Match Match A-Max1100$39.99500$189.991000$0.00
BulletsHornady .Rifle308 168 HPBT Match Rifle, Match1100$39.99500$189.991000$0.00
BulletsHornady .Rifle6.8 SPC .277 110 V-Max w/c1100$24.00
BulletsHornady Match Rifle50 BMG A-Max out of stock 120$41.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsHornady Pistol44 180-200 XTP 1100$24.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsHornady Pistol45 Cal (.452) 300 XTP Mag 1100$36.99
BulletsHornady Pistol45 Cal. (.452) 300 XTP This stock was left over from the gun shows, stock need to be checked when order is placed1100$30.99
BulletsHornady Pistol45 Colt 255 Lead Cowboy Hornady 1200$30.00
BulletsHornady, Match .Rifle224 68 HPBT Match w/c Rifle, Match with Cannalure1100$19.99500$95.001000$179.99
BulletsHornady, Match .Rifle224 68 HPBT Match wo/c Rifle Match with out cannalure1100$19.99500$95.001000$179.99
BulletsHornady, Match .Rifle224 75 HPBT Match Rifle, Match with out cannalure1100$19.00500$95.001000$179.99
BulletsHornady, Match .Rifle224 75 HPBT Match w/c Rifle, Match with cannalure1100$19.99500$95.001000$179.99
BulletsIMI Military308 M80 IMI 147 FMJ BT Copper Jacketed IMI Mfg. New1500$144.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsLake city223 62gr FMJ W/can 224 M855 62gr. Collet pulled1500$87.501000$159.990$0.00
BulletsMilitary223-55 FMJ w/can M193 out of stock US Military, Surplus11000$0.000$0.000$0.00
BulletsMilitary308 M80 147gr FMJ BT MagTech Mfg, copper jacketed, nice New1500$124.991000$0.000$0.00
BulletsMilitary 30 Carbine LC30 Carbine 110 FMJ LC Mil Production US Gov production1100$19.99500$95.000$0.00
BulletsMilitary 50 Cal Not Sized50 BMG API UnsizedSilver tips, not sized1100$36.00500$174.991000$339.00
BulletsMilitary 50 Cal Not Sized50 BMG Tracer UnsizedDark Red tip, not sized1100$40.00500$199.991000$389.99
BulletsMilitary 50 Cal Sized50 BMG Tracer Sized out of stock(Dark Red), processed ready to load Sized1100$0.00500$0.001000$0.00
BulletsMilitary 50 Cal Sized50 BMG, API SizedSized, tumbled, processed ready to load1100$46.00500$229.991000$449.99
BulletsMilitary 50 cal. AP50 cal AP unsized 100$80.00500$0.001000$0.00
BulletsMilitary 50 cal. spott unsised50 cal spotter unsized 100$65.00500$320.001000$0.00
BulletsMilitary Tracer223 M856 62 gr Tracers these are pulled tips11000$129.005000$0.000$0.00
BulletsMilitary Tracer308 M-25 Tracers some pull marks1500$68.501000$129.990$0.00
BulletsMilitary Tracern/a New Items, 223-30 Cal. TracerBulletsall shipped Fed Ex ground, plus HM charge and shipping, I will be glad to sell you any amount you want but remember the HM charges/shipping, No sales to states where these products prohibited.00$0.00
BulletsMilitary Tracern/a Consider filling up the ammo cans that the 50 tips are shipped in, on the HM Items we can put up to 675 in each can, there is a 32.00 HM charge on each can so might as well fill up cans00$0.00
BulletsNew Rifle30-30 150gr. round nose soft point 100$36.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsNew Rifle30-30 150gr. round nose soft point 100$36.990$0.000$0.00
BulletsPistol.309 90 XTP 1100$12.500$0.000$0.00
BulletsPistol357 125 JHP, winchester 1100$15.99500$75.001000$149.00
BulletsPistol380 95gr. FMJ remington 10$0.00500$75.001000$0.00
BulletsPistol40 155 JHP Rem 1100$30.32
BulletsPistol40 165 FMJ Federal 1500$100.001000$194.990$0.00
BulletsPistol40 180 FMJ Federal 1500$100.001000$194.990$0.00
BulletsPistol40 180 FMJ Rem 1100$19.80500$101.501000$193.00
BulletsPistol40 180 JHP, WW Mfg 1100$32.99500$0.001000$0.00
BulletsPistol41 200 JHP Rem 1100$31.11
BulletsPistol44 Mag 240 JHP Rem out of stock 1100$29.12500$143.131000$274.30
BulletsPistol44-40 200 SP w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$37.27
bulletsPistol45 230gr. FMJ Wolf 500$95.001000$185.000$0.00
BulletsPistol45 Auto 230 FMC Frontier Mfg.1500$95.001000$179.990$0.00
BulletsPistol45 Auto 230 FMJ Rem out of stock 1100$22.50500$102.001000$199.00
BulletsPistol9mm 115 gr. FMC frontier frontier Mfg.500$85.001000$165.000$0.00
Bulletspistol9mm 115 gr. JHP rem. 0100$16.00500$75.001000$145.00
BulletsRanier Pistol10mm 180 FP Rainier Ballistics restrike1500$67.501000$129.99
BulletsRanier Pistol10mm 180 RNFP Ranier Balistics restrike1500$67.501000$129.99
BulletsRanier Pistol357 125 FN Ranier Ballistics restrike1500$62.501000$119.99
BulletsRifle224 45 HP Remington Rifle Bullets1100$22.23
BulletsRifle303 180 SPCL RN w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$37.78
BulletsRifle308 150 PSP w/c out of stock Winchester RifleBullets1100$36.120$0.000$0.00
BulletsRifle308 150 PSPCL w/c out of stock Remington RifleBullets1100$33.940$0.000$0.00
BulletsRifle308 180 PSPCL w/c out of stock Remington RifleBullets1100$27.180$0.000$0.00
BulletsRifle35 Cal. 200 PSPCL w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$42.15
BulletsRifle6mm 80 PSP w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$25.13
BulletsRifle7mm 175 PSPCL w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$34.430$0.000$0.00
BulletsRifle8mm 185 PSPCL w/c Remington RifleBullets1100$38.85
BulletsSierra224 77 HPBT Match 1100$25.99500$124.990$0.00
BulletsSierra308 168 HPBT Match out of stock Special Match1100$34.99500$169.991000$0.00
BulletsSierra308 175 HPBT Match out of stock Special Match1100$35.99500$175.000$0.00
BulletsUS Military223-55 FMJ w/can out of stock Copper Jacketed New11000$0.000$0.000$0.00
BulletsUS Military308 M80 147 FMJ Military Surplus1500$144.991000$0.000$0.00
BulletsUS MilitaryM856 tracers Pulled 64 gr Tracers11000$129.000$0.000$0.00
new bulletslake city62. gr. M855 out of stock 0$18.00500$87.501000$159.00
PowderPistol PowderPistol revolver ball good for 9mm,40 auto,45 acp.. 6Lbs1$134.994$0.000$0.00
PowderRifle Powder, WC846 T out of stock308 powder, like BLC-28lbs1$189.994$0.000$0.00
PowderRifle PowderWC860 SurplusFor 50 BMG, Ball, Late 2000's production8lbs1$79.004$75.000$0.00
PowderRifle PowderWC872 SurplusMag Rifle -50 BMG8lbs1$65.000$0.000$0.00
PrimersCCI#34 Large Rifle Military out of stock Large Rifle Military10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersCCI#41 Small Rifle Mil. Military Spec. 22310001$100.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersCCI50 Cal CCI Nato out of stock With new style cup #35,5001$220.000$0.000$0.00
PrimersCCIBR-2 Large Rifle B.R. out of stockBench rest10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersCCIBR-4 Small Rifle B.R. out of stockBench Rest10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersS & BLarge Rifle out of stock 10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersS & BSmall Pistol out of stock 10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWWWinchester Large Pistol out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWWWinchester Large Rifle Mag out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWWWinchester Large Rifle Out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWWWinchester Small Pistol Out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWwWinchester Small Rifle out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
PrimersWWWW Small Pistol Mag out of stock10001$0.005$0.000$0.00
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