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Hope to see everyone at the Knob Creek shoot October 12th thru the 14. If you need to get an order in let us know.

Just in; Large Quanity US Military Surplus 50 BMG Blue Tip Incendary hand pulled .65 cents ussized .60 cents, Tracer Red Tip: 308 LC Surplus 147 FMJBT 1000-145.00; 223 LC surplus 55 FMJ BT 1000-75.00; 308 IMI New 147 FMJ-BT 500-89.00: 223 M856 Tracer tips 99.99m, 5+ 94.99m, M855 62 gr. Green tip Ball-US Military, 1000-124.99m, 223 Wolf 55 FMJ Copper Jacket Bullets 79.99m, Primed LC 223 Brass, from ammo, 500-79.99, 1m-149.99; Surplus Virgin WC844-159.99, 4+ 156.00, 224 55 FMJ-55 PSP Hornady-Federal, 1000-94.99 , MagTech 308 M80 147 FMJ, copper jacketed, 500-99.99, 1000-195.00, 3000-$569.99(189.99m)

ADDRESS-PHONE/FAX NUMBERS : Pats Reloading LLC, Brian McDonald, 74880 Johnson Run Rd., Kimbolton, Ohio 43749, Warehouse 9AM-5PM, 330-833-4360, New FAX 740-492-0063, Patsreloading.com, Internet E-Mail-Patsreloading@aol.com,

To order call 330-833-4360 Thanks Brian

Current Category is: Brass

SubCategoryNamePictureNotesUnitsNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCostNum of UnitsCost
New Brass308 LC Primed Unfired Lake City Military Primed Brass from Ammo, Need to resize the Necks this is real nice Brass1100$34.99500$140.000$0.00
New Brass5.56 Lake City new unprimed All 2013 new lake city unprimed. No primer crimp.1100$29.99500$135.001000$249.99
New Pistol10mm Auto UP Winchester Pistol Brass1001$41.00
New Pistol32 Auto Unprimed Remington Pistol Brass1001$28.255$141.21
New Pistol357 Magnum Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$27.995$134.61
New Pistol357 Magnum, Starline Mfg New UP Brass1100$15.75250$38.00
New Pistol38 Super +P+ Primed Remington Pistol Brass, for Hot Loads1001$28.86
New Pistol40 Auto Primed Remington Pistol Brass1001$36.45
New Pistol40 Auto UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$40.27
New Pistol40 Auto, WW Primed Winchester Pistol Brass1001$28.155$143.25
New Pistol44 Mag, Starline New UP Brass1100$22.00250$52.00
New Pistol44 Magnum, Starline New UP Brass1100$22.00250$52.00
New Pistol44-40 Rem UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$48.83
New Pistol45 Auto Rim UP Remington Pistol Brass1001$39.15
New Pistol45 Colt, Starline New UP Brass1100$23.50250$56.00
New Pistol50 A&E Pistol, unprimed Starline Brass1001$55.20
New Pistol50 S&W Pistol Brass Starline Brass1001$76.28
New Pistol9mm Auto +P+, Primed Remington Pistol Brass1001$30.255$148.18
New Pistol9mm Auto Primed Winchester1001$25.11
New Rifle17 Remington, Rem UP 1001$71.07
New Rifle222 Rem, Rem 1001$43.77
New Rifle222 Rem, WW UP 1001$41.82
New Rifle223 LC UP New LC UP, US Military1001$29.99500$135.001000$249.99
New Rifle32-20 Rem, Rem mfg 1100$48.65
New Rifle45-70, Rem 150$52.00100$103.01
New Rifle458 Win Mag, UP 150$58.78100$116.56
New Rifle6.5-55 Swed. Mauser, Rem 150$34.56100$68.13
New Rifle6mm Rem 150$32.89100$62.76
New Rifle7mm Mag, Rem Mfg 150$46.10100$91.22
New Rifle7mm Mag. WW UP 150$43.39100$85.60
New Rifle7mm Mauser, Rem 150$39.20100$77.40
New Rifle8mm Mauser, Rem 150$37.79100$74.56
Once Fired223 Military US Military Spec. Brass11000$60.00
Once Fired308 Once Fired US Military Spec. Brass1100$20.00500$89.991000$175.00
Once Fired338 Lapula 150$90.00100$175.00
Once Fired40 Auto, commercial, once fired 11000$42.995000$199.95
Once Fired45 Auto, Just in Cleaned,Tumbled Bright Tumbled cleaned, Large primer pocket11000$89.99
Once Fired7mm Mag, once fired 150$17.99100$34.99
Once Fired9mm Auto, once fired, Military 11000$49.99
Once Fred50 BMG 2000's production Once Fired US Military Spec. Brass1100$55.00
Unfired pull down223 LC Primed from ammo Needs to be neck sized1001$20.00500$79.991000$149.99
Unfired Rifle30 Carbine UP Unfired brass from ammo1100$21.00
Unfired Rifle308 LC US Military Primed, From new ammo, needs neck sizing1100$34.99500$140.00
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